10 Tips for Warding Off Rodents as Cooler Weather Arrives: Part 1

As temperatures drop in the Bay Area, residents are spending more time indoors. Similarly, rodents and pests are seeking shelter. Unfortunately, residential dwellings provide everything pests are looking for: warmth, shelter, and food. To ward off pesky intruders, take into account these 10 practical steps. If you suspect mice have already taken up residence in your home, call CalPro Inspection Group to schedule comprehensive rodent and pest control.

Rodent Control

1. Seal Off Points of Entry

Mice can slip through a crack that is only 1/4 inch in diameter, jump up to 13 inches high, and climb walls. As such, keeping them out can be a real challenge. However, your best line of defense is to seal cracks in the foundation and around windows and doors. Similarly, make sure the weather stripping on garage doors and man doors is in good shape.

2. Keep Bird Feeders Away

Rodents love bird seed and grain. Therefore, place bird feeders far from the home to keep rodents at bay. The last thing you want to do is lure in intruders with bird seed lying near your home’s foundation.

3. Seal Up Pet Food

Likewise, rodents love dry pet foods. Immediately empty pet foods into an airtight container after purchasing them. Also, once your pets are done feeding, clean up any spilled morsels or leftovers to deter mice from scavenging.

4. Seal Trash Cans

Open trash draws a whole host of vermin and pests. Don’t call in the animal world by leaving your garbage lying open. Instead, purchase trash cans with tight fighting lids. If possible, keep trash cans far away from the home and secure the lid with a lock or bungee cord.

5. Trim the Hedges

Landscaping adds curb appeal to your home. Unfortunately, if not properly trimmed, landscaping can also serve as a hiding place for mice, rats, and other pests seeking to gain entry through the foundation. Every fall, take time to trim plants back from the foundation. Additionally, make sure soil levels are kept low enough to keep mice away from the siding; they have been known to find entry beneath vinyl and wooden siding.

Schedule an Inspection

Look to our next blog post for the remaining five tips on rodent-proofing your home. But, if you suspect mice have already intruded, our professionals are ready to assist you! In addition to pest control, CalPro also offers home inspections, commercial building inspections, and an array of specialty inspection in Sacramento, San Jose, and the Bay Area. For more information, contact CalPro at (800) 474-3540 or request a quote online.