4 Pest Control Tips To Prepare for Spring

Now that winter is finally behind us, it’s time to start thinking about how to get ready for spring. One important task to consider is pest control. At CalPro Inspection Group, we take pest control seriously. If you need our help, we are here and happy to assist you. In the meantime, here are a few pest control tips to help you prepare for spring.

4 Pest Control Tips To Prepare for Spring

1. Inspect Your Home

Start by inspecting your home for any potential entry points where pests could enter. Any opening provides pests an opportunity for entry, so be sure to do a thorough inspection. Seal up any cracks or holes you find along the siding as well as around windows and doors. Also, while you’re checking around the windows and doors, remember to inspect them to make sure they fit snugly.

2. Reduce Clutter

Pests love clutter as it provides a great environment in which to hide and thrive. Messes can accumulate in your yard in the form of leaves, woodpiles, toys, and more. Inside the home, clutter includes boxes filled with papers and other supplies, dirty dishes lying around the house, and open food containers. Clean up any mess or debris in your yard as well as your home’s interior because these can provide hiding places for pests.

3. Look for Pest Activity

Next on the list of pest control tips is likely an obvious one to most people. Inspect your home for any signs of pest activity, including piles of wings, as those could signify the presence of termites. Additionally, rodents and cockroaches often leave droppings along floorboards and inside kitchen drawers. When looking for ants, it’s helpful to know that they march in lines from their entry points to their destination (often a food source). If you see any of these signs, take action immediately, whether you address it yourself or you contact us.

4. Consider a Pest Control Plan

One of the best pest control tips we can provide is to sign up for a pest control plan. This way, you can take a proactive approach to pest control. Otherwise, you may find yourself dealing with an infestation, and nobody wants that! If you need to, you can schedule a pest evaluation. For general pest control plans, though, you can simply select a plan that works well with your specific needs. 

Pest Control That Works

We hope you find this list of pest control tips helpful. CalPro Inspection Group provides pest control services as well as home inspections and specialty inspections. We serve customers in Greater Sacramento and the entire Bay Area, and we would love to support you, too. Call us at (800) 474-3540 to find out what we can do for you.