We know getting a home inspection in a timely manner can be a challenge, luckily we’ve got you covered. We have been hearing a lot that other inspection companies are booked out for a week or more. We know this can be really tough on agents and clients, and we wanted to let you know that we have come prepared and are fully staffed and only booking out a few days for both termite and home inspections. Please keep us in mind for your next inspection! The quickest scheduling is through our website. You are also welcome to call our office at (916) 237-8036. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!
*Available in the Greater Sacramento Area.

New Build Inspection Services in the Greater Sacramento Area and Bay Area

Pest Control

CalPro Inspection Group is your go-to pest control company. We are now offering quarterly pest control services starting at just $32/month. We also offer a termite protection plan which protects your home from potential termite issues, starting at only $25/month. For more information on the pest control services we offer please visit our page here.
*Available in both the Greater Sacramento Area and the Bay Area.

New Build Inspections

When building a brand-new home, most people don’t realize the importance of scheduling a new-home inspection — after all, everything is new, right? Materials may be new, but homeowners still need to verify that the home is being built correctly. That’s where we come in. Have it be a new build inspection prior to moving in or when your warranty is about to expire. Have CalPro do an inspection on your home to make sure everything is good to go.

Walk and Talk

CalPro Inspection Group is now offering walk and talks. A walk and talk is a solution for when you do not want to get a whole home inspection done. We still recommend getting a home inspection done, but a walk and talk is a good solution for when you have a property being sold as-is, need to make a decision before offering on a home, or if your client may be opting out of getting a home inspection. For more information on CalPro’s walk and talks click here.