Effective termite control is top of mind for wise homeowners. Scheduling a termite inspection is the first step in preventing termites from entering your house. So what can you anticipate now that one has been scheduled? Do you need to take any particular actions to prepare for the inspection? It’s not difficult to get your house ready for a termite inspection, but there are a few things you can do to speed it along. Continue reading to learn more from the experts at CalPro Inspection Group.

How to Prepare for a Termite Inspection

Allow Attic Access

Depending on where your attic access point is, you’ll likely want to rearrange some things. Whether it’s furniture or clothes in a closet, you won’t want to waste the inspectors time by moving things after they’ve already arrived. Also, be mindful of where you temporarily store these items. As the inspector walks around in the attic, some dust and debris could potentially shake loose.

Rearrange Stored Items

In order for the inspector to check your water sources for termite activity, you will need to transfer everything you have kept underneath your sinks in the kitchen and bathroom to a different location. Move everything you have stored against the wall in your garage to a space that is about two feet away from the wall. Additionally, any items against the exterior walls of your property must be moved two feet away.

Clear the Crawl Space

If your house has an elevated foundation, try to make it easy for the inspector to access the crawl space. Make sure nothing stored in the crawl area will obstruct the inspector’s work, clear the opening, and move any obstructions.

Tidy Up Exterior

If your home has any bushes or plants around the exterior, do your best to trim them up where necessary. The inspector will be checking the walls and foundation for any signs of termite activity.

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