Old Homes = Old Pipes. Order a Sewer Line Inspection Before You Buy

The San Francisco Bay Area is well known for its historic homes. In fact, in 2016-17, the majority of homes purchased in San Francisco were built during the 1920s! While historic homes have their charms, they also have their downfalls, including faulty sewer lines. Don’t buy a home in the Bay Area without first scheduling a sewer line inspection with CalPro Inspection Group. A simple inspection can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Sewer Camera Inspection

What Is a Sewer Line?

Every plumbing fixture in your home drains into an underground sewer drain pipe. This main line then transports all of the wastewater from your home into the city sewer system. If the main sewer drain becomes clogged or collapses, wastewater will eventually back up through all of the drains inside of your home. 

Signs of a Problem

Before purchasing a home in the Bay Area, we strongly suggest scheduling a sewer line camera inspection along with your home inspection. If, however, you are already living in the home, there are several signs that indicate a problem with the main sewer drain line. These include:

  • Multiple Clogged Drains – A clogged sewer drain will cause wastewater to back up into all of the drains in your home at once. If you notice multiple fixtures on the main level of your home are clogged, it is almost certain the sewer drain is clogged.
  • Toilet Troubles – Toilets have a direct path to the sewer drain and are often the first indicator of a problem. If you notice your toilets are not flushing properly or gurgle when you run water down a sink or tub, you’ve got a problem with the sewer line.
  • Wastewater in the Tub – Tub and shower drains are low-lying and are therefore more quickly affected than sink drains. If your sewer drain is clogged, you may find that these drains are clogged and will likely fill up with wastewater as the problem worsens.

Get Answers Quickly

If you suspect your home’s main sewer line is clogged, schedule a sewer line inspection with CalPro today. Our inspectors will promptly schedule a time to scope the pipes and diagnose the problem. Plus, if you order a sewer line inspection in conjunction with a full buyer inspection, you’ll receive our 1-year SewerGard Protection Plan for free! To schedule an inspection in Sacramento, San Jose, or the Bay Area, call (800) 474-3540