Realtors: Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection

Are you a realtor hoping to sell more homes for your clients? Have you considered using pre-listing inspections to smooth out and potentially speed up the process? If not, you certainly should. All you need to do is order a pre-listing inspection from CalPro Inspection Group, bill the fees through escrow, and pay at closing. You may, in turn, end up saving some time and earning your clients a higher price for their homes. Here are some pre-listing inspection benefits from the experts at CalPro.

Realtors: Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection

Less Chance for Buyer Credits

People looking to buy a home will almost certainly want an inspection to understand exactly what they’re purchasing. If the buyer’s inspection turns up unexpected issues, they could request thousands of dollars in credits or concessions, ultimately making you less on the sale. Opting for a pre-listing inspection could reveal any problems ahead of time, allowing them to be fixed, which often results in the buyer recouping that money through the sale.

Effective Advertising Tool

Homes are currently selling fast, that’s definitely true. But quick sales mean more earning potential for realtors. Having a pre-listing inspection that shows the home is in excellent shape will not only help the house sell faster, but it will also attract higher-tier buyers who are looking to pay more for a quality home.

Faster Closing Process

Even in this seller’s market with homes going quickly, the closing can still take some time. With a pre-listing inspection, you’ll be able to better guide your clients through what needs to be fixed or updated much sooner in the process and prior to closing. This will help avoid any hiccups that may occur and push the closing date back even further.

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