The Importance of a Pre-listing Inspection

Typically, most home inspections are done after a buyer has expressed interest in a home. They will opt to have an inspector come out and review the property for any faults. Another option that can save time and money is a pre-listing inspection. This is when the seller decides to have their home inspected before it is listed on the market. Continue reading to learn more about pre-listing inspections from the team at CalPro Inspection Group.

The Importance of a Pre-Listing Inspection

Make Repairs in Advance

The seller will have to decide whether to address any issues discovered by the home inspector during the pre-listing inspection and whether or not to correct the problems. When a buyer’s inspection discovers these issues, they may occasionally ask the seller to foot the bill for hiring their own professionals to repair the property’s faults. As a result, contractors are frequently recruited with preferences that the buyer wants but aren’t always necessary, and often times the repairs cost more than they should. The seller may save money by getting a pre-listing inspection since they may compare the costs of different contractors, materials, and completion times based on their preferences.

Compare Results to Buyer Inspection

A seller has a significant advantage by getting a pre-listing inspection from a reliable inspector since they can compare the findings. This essentially means that the two inspection reports can be compared if the buyer decides to have their own inspection and the results show that there are more faults than there were in the seller’s report. The seller can request that their inspector return to the property to evaluate the flaws that the buyer’s inspection spotted and determine if they were missed or if the inspector was being dishonest. Although it doesn’t often happen, if the flaws are not as severe as they were portrayed in the buyer’s report, it may save the seller money in negotiation fees.

Buyer can Accept Pre-Listing Results

The buyer may decide that the seller’s pre-listing inspection is sufficient for them and forego getting their own inspection if the house inspector finds no serious flaws during the process. The buyer will not only save money by doing this but also time. It can take a while to sell and buy a home, so anything that might shorten the process is beneficial to both parties. When a home is listed, mentioning that it has already undergone an inspection may increase demand from buyers compared to homes that have not.

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