Many people don’t realize that a general home inspection doesn’t cover every aspect of the home. It is called “general” because it covers the general home components. However, things like a sewer line inspection are essential but separate. In this post, CalPro Inspection Group explains what a sewer line inspection entails, and why it’s necessary to get one.

The Importance of a Sewer Line Inspection

What Takes Place during a Sewer Lateral Inspection?

It can be difficult to accurately diagnose sewer line issues occurring in the network of pipes under the home. A sewer line inspection involves a camera attached to the end of a snake line. The line runs through the pipes and identifies any possible culprits that could cause problems. The process provides complete insight into the sewer system’s integrity and performance. 

Why Is It Important?

Multiple slow drains, a sewage smell, and other tell-tale signs in the home can certainly indicate a sewer problem. However, it’s also possible for problems to exist without noticeable symptoms. In this case, minor issues can escalate to severe, expensive ones when left unaddressed. Getting a sewer line inspection in addition to a general home inspection provides confidence and peace of mind when buying a new home. 

What Are Common Residential Sewer Problems?

When problems occur, they often do so in several common ways. For instance, older homes with metal pipes often corrode over time. Corrosion is a typical, slow process. However, once started, they can erode quickly. 

Another common sewer pipe problem is tree and root growth. Over time, trees grow, and root systems expand, puncturing pipes. The puncture causes leaks and blockages, neither suitable for homeowners. In addition to tree growth, animals can eat through pipes and make their way inside. Sometimes pipe corrosion happens first, followed by pest intrusion. Either way, this is problematic and can spark high-dollar repair and replacement costs.

What about Insurance?

Insurance typically doesn’t cover sewer line issues. Some companies offer sewer line coverage as an add-on policy, but you’ll have to read through the details to determine what is covered, and how much. Most times, homeowners must cover the entire cost for sewer line repair or replacement, which is another reason why it’s vital to schedule an inspection.

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We hope you’ve found this information helpful as you navigate your new home purchase. CalPro Inspection Group provides sewer line inspections in addition to mold inspections and testing, pool & spa inspections, other specialty inspections in Greater Sacramento and the entire Bay Area. Call us at (800) 474-3540 to schedule an inspection or request an online quote when you plan to buy.