Home Maintenance Tips for Your New Home

If the ink is still drying from the closing papers on your new home and you’re celebrating moving the last box, you probably feel tired but ecstatic. If so, then congratulations on your new home purchase! Take a moment to bask in your new home glory and relax. Don’t get too comfortable, though, because houses come with work. In this post, CalPro Inspection Group shares home maintenance tips for your new home to make life easier.

Home Maintenance Tips for Your New Home

Address Issues Identified in the Home Inspection Report

Hopefully, part of the buying process included a home inspection. If so, you received a report detailing any items that require attention and any potential future issues. If these items weren’t addressed by the seller or extra money hasn’t been allotted to tackle them, it’s a great time to get it done. It’s tempting to pocket the money or do something else with it, but those repairs won’t go away. It’s better to fix them immediately and move on to other home maintenance. 

The Roof

One of the best home maintenance tips we can provide is maintaining the roof. Roof repairs and replacement can be expensive. Proper maintenance and early intervention can keep many issues at bay. At CalPro Inspection Group, we include roof inspections in our general home inspections. However, many providers don’t.

If you’re not aware of the current state of your roof, we encourage you to get a roof inspection. The inspector can generally provide tips and options to prioritize and tackle problem areas effectively.

Pool & Spa

Next on the list of home maintenance tips are pools and spas, which require maintenance no matter what type you choose. Things quickly go wrong when not correctly maintained. Regularly clean the water, filters, and other components to remove dirt and debris. Also, check the pH balance to avoid costly chemicals and shock treatments. If you’re new to homeownership and pools, consider getting a home warranty to cover unexpected repairs in this and all areas. 

HVAC System and Air Ducts

The home’s HVAC system is essential to energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Therefore, you should invest in regular maintenance. Replace the filters regularly, ensure the equipment operates efficiently and is suitable for your home. Finally, if you ever suspect mold, especially if anyone in the house has allergies, asthma, or is immunocompromised, get a mold inspection immediately.

CalPro Inspection Group Supports California Homeowners

The roof, pool, and HVAC system are major home components, which is why they’re prioritized for home maintenance tips. Proper oversight can support greater efficiency, save you money down the road, and ensure these systems function optimally and make homeownership enjoyable. If you suspect an issue with any of these and own a home in Greater Sacramento or the Bay Area, call CalPro Inspection Group at (800) 474-3540 or request a quote or request your inspection online.