The Importance of a New Construction Inspection

If you’re planning on building a new home, you may be under the impression that an inspection isn’t needed. After all, the house is brand new, right? While the house may be brand new, assuming an inspection is not needed is wrong. A new construction inspection is every bit as important as any other home inspection. In fact, this type of inspection is split into phases to ensure everything goes smoothly. Read on for more information from the team at CalPro Inspection Group.

The Importance of a New Construction Inspection

New Build Phased Inspection

Throughout the build process, there are several key moments in construction. The foundation that will support your home, the framing that defines the layout, and the completion which finalizes all of the finer details like faucets, fixtures, handrails, etc. You’ll want an inspection during each important phase.

Foundation Inspection

A foundation inspection, or pre-pour inspection, takes place just before the foundation is poured. The inspector will make sure that the work site has been properly excavated and graded, and that all anchors are spaced correctly in order to support the foundation upon which your home will stand.

Framing Inspection

A framing inspection, or pre-drywall inspection, will occur after the frame has been built, the roof is in place, and windows are installed, but before any drywall or sheetrock has been put up. This will allow the inspector to check support beams, posts, studs, and other structural builds. It also allows them to check wiring, plumbing, and window flashing before they’re covered up by walls. This not only protects you, but it allows the builder to fix any potential issues before the project continues, making any necessary repairs more difficult and time-consuming.

Final Inspection

The last phase and final inspection is essentially what you’d get out of a typical home inspection. Everything will be double-checked to ensure your new home meets all building standards and is up to local codes. Your home inspector is professionally trained to catch any issues during your inspection before you take final possession of your new home.

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