What Commercial Building Inspectors Look For

Property Condition Assessments, or commercial building inspections, are conducted for property owners, investors, or those looking to purchase a new building. In this article, the professional team at CalPro Inspection Group will give a high-level overview of what inspectors look for during a commercial inspection.

What Commercial Building Inspectors Look For

The Exterior

In order to assess the state of the exterior of the building and its compliance with laws, codes, and regulations, your inspector will examine its surfaces, exterior machinery, and surrounding grounds (such as exterior stairs, handrails, and paved areas).

The Roof

The roof will be examined by the building inspector to make sure there are no concerns, either present or potentially in the future.

Interior Structures

The walls will be examined for cracks, mold, water damage, and other issues.

Doors and Windows

Windows will be checked for damage and cracks. Doors and entryways will be examined to ensure emergency personnel can reach the building entrances and that there are proper exits throughout.

Electrical Systems

Any interior or exterior lighting and security systems are examined to make sure they are working as they should. All outlets, circuit breakers, electrical switches, and ground fault interrupters will be checked by the inspector.

HVAC Equipment

The HVAC system of the building will be inspected to ensure that the ductwork and vents have been thoroughly cleaned, the thermostats are operating properly, and the air filters have been changed as needed.

Fire Safety

Sprinklers, fire alarms, and any other safety systems will all be reviewed to make sure the fire protection equipment is operating properly.

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