4 Common Pests to Look Out for in the Spring

Spring is upon us, and that means many pests will begin emerging from their winter hideaways. Pest control is an important part of feeling comfortable in your home, as nobody wants to share their space with pests. Continue reading to learn more about four common spring pests from the team at CalPro Inspection Group.

4 Common Pests to Look Out for in the Spring


Spiders are household pests that infiltrate your home or place of business and behave like other bugs, even though they are not technically insects. They weave webs, occasionally becoming intrusive and unnerving to a lot of people. A tiny spider problem can quickly become a larger, unpleasant problem since infestations can begin subtly and grow swiftly.


Although some insects may decide to spend the winter underground, ants go indoors during the fall and winter. An ant may appear dead during winter because their bodies slow down. However, they regain more movement as the temperature rises. Carpenter ants are the worst culprit in the spring, as they are much bigger and more destructive than ordinary ants, which are the other small black bugs you could see in your home. These insects harm wooden structures as they build homes there.


The gluttons of the insect and pest world are termites. You may observe them in brown or white hues, and they have soft bodies with straight antennae. The hours following a spring rainstorm are when they swarm most frequently. Before you even see them, they can do significant, expensive damage to the surrounding timber on your property. In the same amount of time that several colonies go undiscovered inside a building, several feet of wood is consumed.


Earwigs are tiny insects with pointed pincers that consume young plants and garden plants. Although they are tough little beetles, adults that don’t find protection behind rocks, in the ground, or indoors during the winter can perish. Many of them lay eggs in the winter before passing away, protecting the eggs with the natural insulation and compaction of the earth and snow. These eggs hatch in the spring and the larvae consume gardens and go inside houses. They are drawn to moist regions as well.

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