5 Reasons You Need a Home Solar Inspection

If you’re looking into purchasing a home with existing solar panels, you are in need of a home solar inspection. Solar power is a great way to reduce your energy costs, and it is a complex system that must be installed properly. If not, issues can occur that end up costing you more than you save. Here are five reasons you need an inspection from the team at CalPro Inspection Group.

Home Solar Inspections in Sacramento, CA & Nearby


In the event of an electrical surge, you’ll want to be sure your system is properly grounded. All home electrical systems should have grounding wires that lead into the earth, and your solar panels can tie into that setup.


Structurally, there is a lot to consider when installing an array. First and foremost, your roof needs to be in good shape and sound enough to hold the excess weight. Then, the rail that holds the array needs to be mounted properly. Finally, each panel needs to be secured to the rail.


Every panel on your roof needs to be properly wired. In order for you to benefit from solar power, that power needs to be converted into an electric current through the inverter. Any issues with the wiring can lead to less efficiency and even be dangerous.

Junction Box

Along with the wiring of your system comes the junction box. The junction box houses all of the wires and helps keep them safe from the weather and potential pests.

Testing for Solar Production of Your System

In order to maximize your solar consumption in regard to your total energy usage, you first need to know your solar system’s production. All Calpro solar inspections include a real-time evaluation of your system’s energy production, and the inspector uses a multimeter to test the total amperage output of the system. This form of testing not only gives you the total output of your system but can also tell if panels are underproducing for the energy they are rated for.

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