How to Protect Against Rodents in the Home as Weather Cools

Fall is here! It’s that time of year when bonfires, hayrides, pumpkins, and—yes—rodents come out in full force. Of course, no one wants rodents in the home, especially not a full-on infestation. CalPro Inspection Group understands homeowners’ desire to keep their home pest-free, which is why we put together this article. We hope you find our 2021 tips to protect your home against unwanted rodents helpful.

How to Protect Against Rodents in the Home as Weather Cools

Seal All Entry Points

It’s amazing how little space is required for rodents to gain entry into the home. Even a gap as small as 1/4” fits most mice and other pests. Opportunities emerge from chimney openings, windows, areas around the pipes, and cracks in the siding, foundation, and walls. The best bet is to inspect the house for any areas that would allow rodents in the home. Then, make sure to seal every access point. 

Purge Unnecessary Clutter

Cardboard boxes, paper, and fabric all appeal to rodents. If you store boxes of items in your garage, why not go through them? Purge anything you don’t need, sell what you don’t want, and seal the remaining items in airtight bins. Otherwise, mice can invade and carry off remnants to nest. 

Keep Food Put Away

Leaving out accessible human or pet food presents an invitation for rodents to invade the home. If they do gain entry, you don’t want to provide them with a food supply. Be sure to put away all food daily in sealed containers. Finally, you may want to pay extra attention to pantry items, which often make the easiest targets. 

Get a Rodent Evaluation

Mice mate prolifically. In fact, one pair can multiply into 300 rodents in a season. Typically, when you see one, there’s more. That’s why we suggest taking advantage of a free rodent evaluation. During the evaluation, CalPro will send a licensed inspector to evaluate the extent of the problem. Where applicable, we’ll identify areas where pests are gaining entrance to the home and devise a treatment program. Many homeowners choose quarterly pest control services to benefit throughout the entire year.

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