CalPro Inspection Group is now offering walk and talks. A walk and talk is a solution for when you do not want to get a whole home inspection done. We still recommend getting a home inspection done, but a walk and talk is a good solution for when you have a property being sold as is, need to make a decision before offering on a home, or if your client may be opting out of getting a home inspection.

Walk and Talk Inspection Service in Sacramento, CA

What is a Walk and Talk?

A walk and talk is an hour long or so visual inspection the agent or client will attend with the home inspector. The home inspector will look at the property and point out any big ticket items that are of concern or anything he may see that is an issue or a potential problem. The inspector will look at the roof, HVAC, water heater, and other larger, more concerning items.

During your walk and talk, we recommend you take notes. A walk and talk does not include an inspection report, so it is important you document our findings and recommendations. We encourage you to ask questions during your time with the inspector so they can address any areas of concern you may have. Remember this is a limited inspection and will not cover ALL items in the home as a normal, in depth inspection would.

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CalPro Inspection Group is looking forward to helping you with your walk and talk and making your inspection journey easy and effortless. Contact us today at (916) 237-8036 to schedule your inspection or request a quote. We are currently offering our walk and talks starting at $249.