Why You Shouldn’t Skip a Mold Inspection

If you’ve recently purchased a new home and you’re looking at your home inspection options, it may be tempting to skip the specialty inspections in order to save a few bucks. However, because it is possible that mold is growing in your new home without you even knowing it for months, it’s really best to get the problem identified and dealt with before it causes serious health issues. Today on the blog, your friends at CalPro Inspection Group are discussing the ins and outs of a mold inspection and why you really shouldn’t skip scheduling one.

Why You Shouldn't Skip a Mold Inspection

Harmful Side Effects of Mold Exposure

If your future home has a mold infestation, it can grow at an alarming rate, making it costly and exhausting to fix. However, more importantly, mold exposure can cause harmful side effects to you and your family and can even be deadly if left unchecked. You may experience skin rashes, respiratory issues, sinus problems, and flu-like symptoms if you are living in a home that is infested with mold. Additionally, homeowners with compromised immune systems, such as those undergoing cancer treatment or those using immune-suppressing medications, might be even more susceptible to these unwanted side effects.

2 Types of Mold Testing

At CalPro Inspection Group, we offer two different types of mold testing: surface sampling and indoor air quality sampling. If visible mold is present in the home, we’ll take a surface sample of the area in question. Surface mold testing includes one physical sample taken at the affected area. If multiple affected areas are present, additional samples may be needed for accuracy. To test for mold problems that are not visible, we use indoor air quality testing, which includes one indoor air sample in the affected area and one control/baseline sample of the air outdoors. To read more about our procedures, check out our mold inspection page on our website.

What Should You Do If Mold Is Found?

If mold is found in your home, we advise getting mold remediation done quickly. You can take care of it yourself if the affected area is less than 10 square feet. We advise calling a cleanup expert if the area is larger than 10 square feet in order to prevent the development of mold and its negative effects.

When the health of your family is at stake, don’t skip out on the valuable inspection services provided by CalPro Inspection Group. To schedule your mold inspection for anywhere in Greater Sacramento and the entire Bay Area, contact us today at (800) 474-3540 or request a quote online.