10 Tips for Warding Off Rodents as Cooler Weather Arrives: Part 2

Rodents and pests don’t like being cold and hungry any more than humans do. As such, they look for access points into residential dwellings in their quest for food and shelter. To rodent-proof your home, follow these 10 practical steps (see our previous post for steps 1-5). Or, if you suspect mice have already taken up residence in your home, call CalPro Inspection Group to schedule comprehensive rodent and pest control.

Rodent Control

6. Seal Dry Foods

Mice, rats, and other pests are all in search of one thing – food. As such, seal up dry foods like flour, sugar, cereals, and pastas in airtight containers. Other food items should be kept in the refrigerator. If your home doesn’t smell like food, mice and rats will have no incentive to enter.

7. Clean Often

Sealing up food items is only effective if you are diligent about crumb removal as well. Rodents and pests like dark corners and crevices where crumbs are often overlooked. To keep your home free of pests, frequently sweep kitchen and dining room floors and wipe down counters. Similarly, clean up after your pets and don’t leave spilled or unfinished pet food lying around.

8. Shut the Door

Rodents love to slip into the garage as residents come and go. Do your best to close the garage door immediately after pulling in or out. Likewise, keep entry doors and windows closed or protected with screens.

9. Set Traps

Whether you believe your home is harboring rodents or not, set traps throughout the home (out of reach of pets and children). Homeowners can choose between a variety of live traps, poisons, or kill traps. Untouched traps are usually a good sign. But, if a stray mouse or rat enters the home, it is better to trap them before they’ve had time to multiply. If you catch multiple rodents at a time, you likely have an infestation that needs professional attention. 

10. Holistic Repellents

Rodents are bothered by the smell of menthol. As such, many homeowners find peppermint leaves keep the mice at bay. Additionally, essential oil lovers can spray peppermint or clove around the home to deter pests.

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